Vinton Municipal Electric Utility

Phone (319) 472-4813 or 4722-3663

Vinton Municipal Electric Utility is actively pursuing renewable energy options for the citizens of Vinton. There are several types of Green Energy, the most common are wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric and biodiesel. We have been replacing some of the petroleum diesel in the generators with biodiesel. What is biodiesel? It's an alternative fuel, produced from soybean oil by processors in Iowa.

Blending bio-diesel with regular diesel costs Vinton Municipal Electric Utility a few cents more per gallon. Were currently using B-2, a blend of 2% soy diesel and 98% petroleum diesel. Although it costs a little more, it's worth it to protect the environment and our engines.

Iowa imports 97% of the energy we use (coal, natural gas, and petroleum) from other states and nations. What if, instead, we could harness the power of the natural resources we have here in our state? That's exactly what we can do through Green City Energy.

Solar panel costs continue to drop in price. V.M.E.U. has multiple customers with solar arrays. As prices drop more customers will invest in solar to cut their energy costs and invest in a green environment.

What will it cost me to support the use of wind, solar, biodiesel and hydroelectric through Green City Energy?

Your contribution of  1, 2 or 5 dollars per month is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to a municipal government for a public purpose. Please consider participating in Green City Energy.  

Wind turbines like those below are popping up everywhere you look.